Astro Hydraulics


Astro has been one of our ‘budget’ clients the past few years. While they are in a relatively non-competitive market, they still wanted to bring an old website at least somewhat into the modern era. We were brought in to help bring their outdated website a bit more modern trimmings without them spending too much. To work within their budget, we cleaned up any formatting or grammatical errors within the old site’s content, and created an extremely simple (but responsive) Foundation 5 site for them. Since then we have assisted with in house IT needs, helped with changes to their office communications, and consulted with them with any web, I/T, or communications needs that have arisen.

Summary of Work

  • Website Update from table based HTML to a response, Foundation 5 based site
  • Streamlined Hosting, Domain, and Email from multiple, disjointed accounts to a unified office account
  • Currently Working on a future site redesign
  • Office IT Consulting and Service